Free Server Assessment by GST Engineers

According to Gartner, approximately 30% of businesses are looking at Server Consolidation in their immediate future as a way to minimize unnecessary expenses and improve return-on-investment in their data center. Are you ready?

Why Consider Server Assessment?

Cost Savings

  • Reduced physical footprint for servers and network hardware
  • Reduced operating costs (Power, cooling, server maintenance, rack space, manpower)
  • Reduced software licensing costs


  • Allows expediting and standardizing server provisioning
  • Reduced risk of legacy system support (OS and Hardware)
  • Provides opportunity to update, centralize, and standardize storage


  • Provides opportunity to implement Business
  • Continuity Plan and/or Disaster Recovery strategy
  • Great technology for development, testing, or patching (quickly revert unwanted changes)
  • Gartner – Virtualized servers may actually result in better performance (Gartner ID Number: G00153564)

How GST Can Help?

GST will provide at no-cost a full assessment of your IT environment and make recommendations.

Phase 0 – Overall Project Planning Meeting & Design
Phase 1 – Infrastructure Survey
Phase 2 – Data Analysis & Report
Phase 3 – GST Report Review & Recommendations

Email or call GST to learn more about this no cost opportunity and report.

  • “The printing was cumbersome and the cost was high with the old non-HP solution. Then with the economic downturn, the community asked us to do better with less — while minimizing environmental impact. The answer was the HP Color LaserJet CM6040 Multifunction Printer.”

    Fred Ying, MIS Manager, Administrative
    Services Department,
    City of Cerritos
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