GST Deployment & Logistics Services

GST provides our clients with simplified logistical rollouts, accurate deployment and tailored implementation. Our team receives an order, configures hardware and software, stages the proposal, and provides reliable delivery with clear ongoing communication to our clients.

GST’s end-to-end full service planning eliminates the unnecessary administrative work for our clients and we continue to eradicate potential logistical errors that constantly plague small to large deployments.

GST Deployment & Logistics Services:

  • Nationally located warehouse facilities that support staging, storage, and on-time delivery.
  • Pre-delivery preparation services include: package removal and disposal, order consolidation, shrink wrap delivery, and pre-assembled racks.
  • Custom imaging and system testing prior to delivery and installation.
  • Asset managing tools such as custom asset tags (bar coding, electronic inventory, and labels).
  • Unique etching and logo designs.
  • Detailed asset management reports that detail: delivery, logistics, and data.
  • Asset disposition services include: secure data wiping, fully ISO-compliant delivery to recycling, remanufacturing, and disposal facilities.
  • “The printing was cumbersome and the cost was high with the old non-HP solution. Then with the economic downturn, the community asked us to do better with less — while minimizing environmental impact. The answer was the HP Color LaserJet CM6040 Multifunction Printer.”

    Fred Ying, MIS Manager, Administrative
    Services Department,
    City of Cerritos
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