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“Cloud” is a much-used IT industry term that means different things to different people. Does it mean Web-based applications? Web-hosted services? Centralized server farms and data centers? Platforms for developing and running scalable applications? In reality, the Cloud can be all of these things and more.

The Cloud has been called the next logical step in enterprise computing. No longer as much about managing infrastructure, enterprise computing is now more about managing information. It’s about having your storage, your application development environment, your applications, and your security available to you when you need them.

Why Clients are Moving to a Cloud Model

  • Greater Business Agility – a Cloud model gives you the ability to respond to business demands more effectively and help ensure employees have on-demand access to each critical business information, customers, partners, and each other, using nearly any device, from virtually anywhere.
  • Greater Resource Availability – the management burden of anticipating and building out excess capacity IT infrastructure decreases. As a result, less management, maintenance, and deployment time, with the additional benefit of greater scalability to more easily handle peaks in demand.
  • Managed Costs – from a financial perspective, you can manage costs as a capital expense or an operational expense depending on what works best for your business.
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint – at the same time, using off-premises IT infrastructure has the additional value of decreasing your environmental impact through a reduction in the physical resources required to run on-premises systems.

GST Cloud Starter Solution

Through our Cloud Center of Excellence Solutions Center in Cerritos, CA and our experienced engineers, GST expertly discusses the benefits and structure of cloud computing for each our our clients. GST provides you with the power of choice – a hybrid model of on-premises and off-premises resources that enable you to move what you want to the cloud and as much or as little as you want. The result through GST Cloud Solution is you can focus on strategic IT direction and not infrastructure.

  • “The printing was cumbersome and the cost was high with the old non-HP solution. Then with the economic downturn, the community asked us to do better with less — while minimizing environmental impact. The answer was the HP Color LaserJet CM6040 Multifunction Printer.”

    Fred Ying, MIS Manager, Administrative
    Services Department,
    City of Cerritos
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